re: MIDSUMMER question
Posted by: whereismikeyfl 05:54 pm EDT 07/27/20
In reply to: re: MIDSUMMER question - portenopete 05:48 pm EDT 07/27/20

I was thinking of Lepage and another more recent production that used mud.

Someone I know was in a production in which used water and had the lovers spashing each other and eventually slipping into the water and getting completely wet there.

As with the Lepage image you describe, it is not the device that matters. Any number of productions can have actors caked in mud without impact.

It is all about how the devices create meaning. That waterfall you describe and the chairs that actors used to stay out of the mud earlier, made the mud into something meaningful and moving.

(This production is one of those I always have wished I could have seen.)

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