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Posted by: ryhog 08:01 pm EDT 07/27/20
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You and I have been on the back of this broncho before, and I continue to respect our disagreements about what Sondheim did (as well as the underlying fundamentals). What I can't abide, however, is the libel "rewriting without the consent of the creators." That is simply untrue. People die and they leave others to act in their shoes. Sometimes (often, in fact) people who are very much alive delegate to others (their agents, lawyers, etc.) the decisions on the handling of their property. That's what happened here. Now we can attack the intelligence and motives of those appointed decision-makers, and we can highlight the particular circumstances under which the mantle fell on them that we may find unfortunate, but we cannot say they acted without authority. The creatives Sondheim took to task acted with the unthrottled blessing of the duly appointed executors just as someday, hopefully many years from now, his estate will act in his stead. This may not seem like so important an issue, but it is. The alternative is chaos, something that folks have worked hard to avoid in these matters.

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