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Posted by: Michael_Portantiere 10:49 pm EDT 07/27/20
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Sorry, let me clarify. I didn't mean to state or imply that Paulus and Parks acted "without authority," I meant what I wrote -- that they acted without the consent of the creators of PORGY AND BESS, in the sense that all of the creators were long dead. I guess I could have written "without the consent or participation of the creators." Of course I am aware that what Paulus and Parks did to PORGY AND BESS was done with the full authority of the estates of the creators.

As for Sondheim, the irony here (I guess that's the right word) is that what he allowed to be done with COMPANY, in that case with his own participation, leads me to believe he may not be very concerned about whether or not wholesale, major, radical revisions of his works are made for future productions :-)

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