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Posted by: Michael_Portantiere 12:19 pm EDT 07/28/20
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"I know you are aware, and you also know that 'the consent of the dead' is impossible, which makes it all the more painful :-)"

Arrgh! Yes, I know the consent of the dead is impossible. What I meant was that if George Gershwin had lived longer, and if a radically revised version of PORGY AND BESS had been presented during the lifetimes of the Gershwins and DuBose Heyward with their consent and/or participation, that to me would be a completely different situation than presenting such a radical revision when the creators are no longer around to consent OR prevent. I hope that's clear....

"Other than your own intuition, what is the basis for suggesting that the estate is doing something the dead dudes wouldn't like?"

That's a fair question, and it applies to the recent OKLAHOMA! as well. I really have no answer other than to say my strong gut feeling is that the Gershwins and Heyward would never have allowed what was done to PORGY AND BESS by Paulus and Parks, nor would R&H have allowed that FIshy OKLAHOMA! , and all of those geniuses would have despised both of those productions if they could somehow have viewed them from whatever plane they are on now. But, guess what? I can't prove it!

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