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Posted by: Michael_Portantiere 04:35 pm EDT 07/28/20
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"You raised the question of whether the response was based on gender."

I'm sorry, what? It was you, not me, who brought up that subject. I only responded to what you wrote. On that note, here's a thought from another perspective, and I mean this in all sincerity: The very fact that you felt it worth noting that the targets of Sondheim's letter were women might be interpreted as sexism in the sense of an over-sensitivity to the fact that the production team of PORGY AND BESS was headed by women, rather than you just viewing them as artists and not bringing gender into the discussion.

"His letter would be just as rude and inappropriate directed at men. He shouldn't have written it to begin with. But he did, and we should ask ourselves if gender might have knowingly or unknowingly played into that. We should ask ourselves if it was easier for him to write this letter to women rather than men."

I don't agree that we "should" ask ourselves those questions in this case. I think they're entirely unnecessary in the context of Sondheim's letter. But if you really feel comfortable in publicly asking yourself if Sondheim is sexist to the point where he would write such a letter to women but not to men, so be it.

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