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What you wrote was that you felt Sondheim's letter "was written from a place of intolerant anger and was condescending to the female artists who were making these choices," when you could have just written "....to the artists who were making these choices." Your inclusion of the word "female" brought gender into the conversation. In my opinion, it also implies that Sondheim might not have "condescended" to male artists by writing his letter, and now you've amplified that in subsequent statement such as " I do wonder if it was easier for him to lash out because they were women." Frankly, I'm a little surprised that you or anyone else would write such things on a public forum, though I suppose the fact that your posts don't have your real name attached may partly explain that.

You think that I'm "erasing gender" in writing that Sondheim "wasn't writing to women, he was writing to people," and I think it can be argued that you exhibited sexism in making a point of noting that the artists in question are female, when that had NOTHING to do with the points Sondheim made in his letter. Although of course I have no way of proving this, I feel it in my bones that if a man (or two or three men) had been hired to radically revise and reinterpret PORGY AND BESS and had made those same statements about how they were going to do so, Sondheim would have written exactly the same letter.

So I guess it's all a matter of perspective, and since you and I obviously have completely different perspectives on this, perhaps we should just leave it at that.

P.S. For what it's worth, I do recall a letter that Sondheim write in some very public forum (I forget where) castigating Thomas Z. Shepard for some comments he had made in an interview, and as far as I know, Thomas Z. Shepard is a man :-)

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