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Posted by: Michael_Portantiere 10:00 am EDT 07/29/20
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"It does seem to me that always qualifying gender or race is is diminishing. Are Paula Vogel and Sarah Ruhl playwrights or are they female playwrights? Is August Wilson one of our greatest playwrights or must he always be indentified as a Black playwright?"

Thank you, that's EXACTLY what I meant, but perhaps you phrased it more clearly and succinctly. It seemed to me that Singapor/Fling's identification of the creative team of the PORGY AND BESS revisal as "female" in that context, when Sondheim's ire over what they planned to do with the show had nothing to do with their gender, is an example of that. And while I certainly understand the argument that it is NOT diminishing to do this, I would hope those who disagree could at least understand why some other people feel it IS diminishing to do this, rather than questioning their logic. To me, the logic is pretty clear, but I thank you gain for making it clearer.

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