I'm confused. Does anyone actually WANT to see opera stars perform musicals?
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Decided to put on the YouTube video of the 2013 CAROUSEL live concert from Lincoln Center... in which Jessie Mueller absolutely nails Carrie better than anyone I've ever seen...

But I'm bored enough to ask:

Does anyone actually want to hear opera stars sing these roles?!??

Are there opera fans who see Broadway musicals and think, "gosh, I'd really enjoy this a lot more if these people had properly trained opera voices."

i want to meet these people. i want to slap these people. Who the eff are these people?!?

Nathan Gunn's acting is so bad in this that the benevolent director of this telecast puts the cameras more on Kelli O'Hara during Billy's verses of "If I Loved You" than on Billy. What she's doing, sitting there silent, is more interesting than what he's doing.

I know that a handful of shows -- CAROUSEL, SWEENEY, THE MOST HAPPY FELLA -- continue to get performed by opera companies to kinda fill up their season with lighter fare, but how do audiences react?

Why the fuck did Bernstein want to hear a WEST SIDE STORY sung by Kiri TeKanawa and Jose Carreras?!?

Who wanted to hear Bryn Terfel perform Sweeney?


If you know them, please help me understand them. I want to talk some sense into them.

Opera people rarely rarely rarely do better by this material than musical theatre people.


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