Not to be obvious, but....
Posted by: Quicheo 05:14 pm EDT 07/29/20
In reply to: I'm confused. Does anyone actually WANT to see opera stars perform musicals? - GrumpyMorningBoy 01:00 pm EDT 07/29/20

...I think they are called "Opera Fans". And many are people who value purity of sound and musical dramatics over the qualities that many on this board would deem necessary for a credible stage performance. I think Opera has more in common with Dance in that although aesthetics and emotion are clearly still in play, they are both also rated and admired on technical purity above all else.

The West Side Story travesty? Sold a ton of units and didn't hurt either leads careers.

Bryn Terfel? Not only did people want him to sing Sweeney, but they staged THREE different productions for him to do it on record and they only stopped once he was well enough to show up.

Sometimes, as mentioned below, it all comes together in someone who has technical chops and an acting talent -- Paulo Szot (have you seen the recent Mass???) and Renee Fleming both acquitted themselves just fine in recent productions -- and from the Dance world, the Fairchilds are both quite something.

But as fans, I think theater fans are looking at a different order of essential criteria of excellence when seeing something on stage.

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