re: Not to be obvious, but....
Posted by: Snowysdad 07:40 pm EDT 07/29/20
In reply to: Not to be obvious, but.... - Quicheo 05:14 pm EDT 07/29/20

Can't agree with you about Szot in MASS. His vocal take on it was interesting but to start with he is/was too old. I went in with an open mind but could not wrap myself around a middle aged celebrant, the emotional arc is so clearly from young/naive to older/wiser. MASS is one of my favorite works of all time, I am familiar with all the recordings. Alan Titus on the original is the best, Jubuliant Sykes my second favorite and the guy whose name won't come to me on Jaerve's recording is good. Jerry Hadley is a train wreck from start to finish, partly for the same reason to Szot flounders.

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