re: Phantom of the Opera West End
Posted by: EvFoDr 10:56 am EDT 07/30/20
In reply to: re: Phantom of the Opera West End - ryhog 10:38 am EDT 07/30/20

Thanks for the morning good humor!

I almost added the Gershwin to my list. The only show I've ever seen there, aside from Wicked, was the Trevor Nunn Oklahoma! and I thought that particular production was a good match for the space, as is Wicked. So I don't have the personal experience of going there and feeling resentful of the space in relation to whatever show is playing.

Thanks clarifying about watiing in the wings. I think you are right, whatever is coming in the future is not going to be the same as what we had before. Especially if tourism is down and we have to rely on local/tri-state audiences. What I should have said to support my point was "the types of shows that were waiting in the wings prior to COVID".

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