re: The 'Wildcat' Debacle
Posted by: champagnesalesman 04:06 pm EDT 07/31/20
In reply to: The 'Wildcat' Debacle - Clancy 01:06 pm EDT 07/31/20

I was excited about a new biography of Lucille Ball, until I read the "mix of fact and fiction" part....is there any point in reading it? I can just watch HOLLYWOOD again.....

WILDCAT is not "largely forgotten" by Lucy fans or by Cy Coleman fans. It yielded a popular song "Hey, Look Me Over"..and had numerous summer stock productions starring such diverse talents as Martha Raye and Margaret Whiting....NY has only seen an ill advised production w Luba Mason and a miscast segment at ENCORES...
It was also NOT Lucy's first foray into theatre...she toured in DREAM GIRL in the 40's and also appeared in a pre-Broadway tryout of HEY DIDDLE DIDDLE in the 30's(!)
I think someone like Charles Busch could make a go of it today

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