Ed Sullivan re: The 'Wildcat' Debacle
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Yes she was on Ed Sullivan. Her voice is what it is but Lucy has star energy and a big theatrical personality.

She could have done the show as long as she wanted to and it would have eventually paid back its investment. I think Lucy got tired of doing it night after night.

Also, the weird thing is that Lucy started as a chorus girl in early movie musicals - a "Goldwyn Girl" so maybe more of a showgirl. She should have had some dance experience. Also, she did lots of musicals - the film versions of "Best Foot Forward","Too Many Girls", "Fancy Pants" and "Dubarry was a Lady" - but she was dubbed by Trudy Erwin, Martha Mears and Annette Warren et al. And after the supposed "Wildcat" 'debacle', Lucy went on to purchase the film rights to "Mame" and insisted on doing her own singing despite rumors that Lisa Kirk was going to dub her.

Also, 171 performances is not that bad a run in 1960. Musicals didn't have to run for years to make back their money in the 1940s, 50s and 60s.
Link Lucy and Paula Stewart on the Ed Sullivan Show

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