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I know that Hildegard Behrens was Isolde on the Bernstein-conducted Tristan und Isolde. In the post to which I responded, Michael wrote this: "I've heard Hofmann sing from WSS on another recording conducted by Michael Tilson Thomas, and at least he was able to sing the part without (much of) an accent."

I replied partly with: “That Bernstein recording with Hofmann and his then-wife, Deborah Sasson, came out around the same time that the Bernstein-DG WSS recording was issued. At least one critic reviewed the two of them together.”

The recording listed and described on the linked page is the one that I meant when I mentioned “That Bernstein recording.” That is the recording to which Michael was referring. The Bernstein Tristan und Isolde was released around September 1983. The Bernstein-conducted WSS and the Tilson Thomas-Hofmann-Sasson Bernstein on Broadway were both released around March-April 1985, which was why at least one critic reviewed them together.
Link Bernstein on Broadway

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