re: The 'Wildcat' Debacle
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There are a fair number of C&W stars who might be charming in it, if we still had the stock we once had. (Remember when everybody had a go at Miss Mona? Even Barbi Benton. Google her, younguns.) I can imagine, say, a 2nd string Reba doing a Wildcat tour even 15 years ago, to re-try stage legs in a win-win venue. But I'm riffing. Shows in that mid-range of hits used to routinely return to life with stars. I grew up attending the east coast circuit (Wesburty - Shady Grove in DC area). We saw all kinds of packages -- Jan Pierce in The Rothschilds, Eva Gabor in Applause -- and that was part of the fun, knowing it was, well, just for fun.

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