(possibly off-topic) "Acting with..." vinyl record series
Posted by: JFly 04:24 pm EDT 08/01/20

I hope this post isn't considered off-topic for this board, but there is a theater element to it, so hopefully it's okay.

Many, many, (many!) years ago there was a series of records that I *think* were called "Acting with... (insert name of celebrity)" The premise of them was that with this record you could perform scenes, or "act with" said celebrity. (I've never heard any of these albums, just heard about them)

I believe that each record would have a track (is that what they were called back then?) of the celebrity giving a short lesson on acting (making choices, emphasizing certain words, etc) There were tracks of that celebrity performing a scene with someone else (possibly taken from one of their movies), followed by the same scene, but minus the scene partner's lines. That way you, the listener, could say the lines yourself, allowing you to pretend that you were "acting with" that celebrity.

It's possible that the albums also came with scripts of the scenes on the album.

The only two names that I know of who made these albums are Bette Davis and Laurence Olivier. I'm sure there were others. Although maybe not?

I haven't had any luck in all of my googling. Searching Olivier and "Acting with" just brings up his book on acting. Searching for Bette Davis I just get results for the singer Betty Davis. Adding words like "vinyl" "record" don't make things any better.

While it is kind of refreshing to realize there are things that the internet doesn't know about, it's also a little frustrating. But I figured there's a decent chance that someone here would have heard of them and might be able to provide me with some information to help in my search. It's very possible that I've got the name of the series wrong. And I wouldn't say my googling abilities are the sharpest.

I know they're incredibly rare and I don't think they were ever re-released on CD, or digitally.

Has anyone else heard of these records or know anything about them?

Thanks so much!

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