Midnight Express hmophobia
Posted by: WayneM 04:34 pm EDT 08/01/20
In reply to: Film director/screenwriter ("Evita") Alan Parker has died - Ann 09:45 am EDT 08/01/20

My experience of seeing the film was one of absolute disgust/anger/fear at the audience reaction to the portrayal of the true gay relationship that was engendered during the prison stay.

Instead of displaying it as it happened the movie shows the bond that develops between the 2 young men but then there is a definitive refusal by the lead to an overture to a more physical level. If I recall there is a steamy shower scene and the offer for more to Billy but a definite NO as a response to it. In the movie theater I attended this elicited loud hurrahs and applause.

For a not yet out gay person that was truly an addition of horror

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