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Well, his speech, and song, are JEwish in tone and rhythm - Sue me, sue me, what you can do me.
And nu is Yiddish. And back in Runyon land you didnt speak Yiddish if you werent Jewish - believe me!

A- right, already; I’m just a no-goodnik/ A -right, already; it’s true. So, nu?

Again Jewish slang. So - no they don't say the character is Jewish. But if you did a play and a character said 'in the name of the father, the son, ...' it would be fair to assume the character was a Catholic, whether there was a note to that effect or not.

We saw what happened in the Alfred Molina revival of FIDDLER when you try to play a truly Jewish character, ignmoring that they are Jewish. Not great. You don't have to be Jewish to play Nathan or Tevye. But you have to act Jewish. Otherwise why bother?

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