re: Runyon's Jewish world (one of my very long posts)
Posted by: lordofspeech 03:41 pm EDT 08/02/20
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I love this post. It’s a brilliant post.
I also happen to love the idea that many times there is something important about matching the correct actor to the correct role and it may habe to do with ethnicity or race or heritage. Although it’s not always imperative (there have been controversies, as with Jonathan Pryce playing someone who was part Asian in MISS SAIGON, and the contrary, prevalent tendency to cast African-Americans in African-American roles), it’s nice to see such a wise essay.
Anne Bancroft famously played Gittel Mosca onstage so you’d have never known she was Italian not Jewish. But perhaps Shirley MacLaine’s work in the film version (of TWO FOR THE SEESAW) was off-balance for just such an issue of heritage.

I think Jewish-American is important. I think Irish-American is important. And Casting is a very tricky business.

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