re: I agree and I think the CATS film they should have made should have been this......SPOILER ALERT for those yet to read 'Unmasked'
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Having read many interviews and sections of books that cover the story of how the show got to the stage (including ALWs account in "Unmasked") THAT would have made a far more interesting film.

The show was rife with drama from the get-go including :

1) a subject matter nobody wanted to invest in so ALW put his own fortune on the line and nearly lost his shirt
2) ALW and Cameron deciding to cancel the show after a dreadful run-thru but Trevor Nunn stopping them in their tracks
3) the pre-opening gossip floating around the West End that the biggest turkey of all time was about to unfold
4) a now legend (Judi Dench) hired for a key part but ripping her achilles in rehearsal - when she tries, on crutches to take to the stage for an early run-through she falls into a row of seats and is out for good
5) the emergency replacement of Ms Dench with a known West End star who has little time to prepare before first preview
6) an unknown song named Memory causing a huge rift between ALW and Tim Rice when Rice's lyrics are rejected - compounded with Rice being the leading lady's lover and her getting his lyrics confused with others sumbitted by Trevor Nunn, often in performance during previews
7) a bomb scare on opening night that clears the theatre during the bows.....and more....

Certainly not a behind the scenes tale that you think might result in a massively succesful show.

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