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Why doesn't it work? The book?

1. The score: a mixed bag, some really lovely songs(The title tune, Before I gaze at You Again, I Loved You Once in Silence, How to Handle a Woman) mixed in with some that are second rate (Entry songs for both Arthur and Guinevere, The Seven Deadly Virtues, Fie on Goodness).

2. The book: It does not keep its eye on the arc from where the story starts to where it ends for catharsis, and therefore meanders losing focus. Also most of the secondary characters beyond the principal trio are never adequately fleshed out giving them life. I have never had a clue who Mordrid and Pellinore are in relationship to the lead characters, and that's just an example.

3. The brilliance of T.H. White's novel is its scope, the epic story it tells and the musical just can't reduce it enough to engage. Much the same problem as trying to make Gone with the Wind into a musical.

My Fair Lady it ain't!

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