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a lovely score! But the book is very problematic. For me (My 2 cents) -- the "I Want" song for Guenevere ("Simple Joys of Maidenhood") put her in a very bad light. She wants "will kith not kill her kin" over her and for war to waged over her --- all of which makes her very selfish and rather bloodthirsty. True, she is supposed to be very young and therefore immature and eventually she will see the error of her ways... but her opening song does not make her a likeable character for the audience to root for. Also, her attraction to Lancelot does not make her any more likeable - especially since Arthur is a very likeable guy and you wonder why she is "straying" away from him. Plus, once Arthur realizes that Guenevere and Lancelot are betraying him (even intellectually and not physically) you don't care for his lack of action.

Again - just my 2 cents...

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