I loved that Two River production!
Posted by: Amiens 06:43 pm EDT 08/04/20
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It was directed by TV's Frasier producer/writer David Lee who has directed a few other great shows for Two River. I can't remember if he was also credited with the cut/edited script. IIRC the cast was cut down to just Arthur, Guenevere, Lancelot, Mordred and three ensemble men, but they all entered as anonymous commedia style players putting up a modest set and pulling well-designed props and costume pieces from trunks.

That's probably a description that would admittedly make most people reading this wince but the concept really worked for me and allowed the lush songs, gorgeously performed by those sexy young actors to really soar. The show had none of the formality and pomposity often associated with it. And I'll stress again, the youth of the cast was really engaging and poignant.

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