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I’ve never had much of a problem with the show. I maybe just love it too too much.

The Pellinore stuff has to be cast right. Not sure who would be right. Someone truly balmy, an anachronistic eccentric, perhaps an Eddie Izzard. His bits can’t be the annoying intrusion they sometimes seem. Of course Jason O’Connell could do it. Maybe Jay O Saunders or Michael McKean. There are still some gorgeous character actors. George Hearn? Ed Dixon? But they’d have to be able to be really funny, not just a proper idea of what’s funny.

Julie Andrews made an interesting point in her first autobiography that the romance with Lance cannot be consummated until after the rescue. Otherwise she’d be just too lightweight a character. She needs to have the same noble mettle as Arthur and the same conflict. (Curiously, her romanticism in “Simple Joys of Maidenhood” need not detract from that.). This is a change from the source novel (in which she’s an all-too-human brat) and from where Josh Logan and the hyper-sensual Redgrave took the character in the film (wherein Redgrave was so mesmerizing alive and beautiful and sexy that the centrality of Arthur and the Roundtable was completely, catastrophically upstaged).

Anyway, I think a director with the right two leads could make the whole thing work. But Guenevere has to have heroic scale as well as winsome humor. If she’s simply an attractive, terribly young queen (as she was in the version whose Arthur was played beautifully by Robert Sean Leonard, at Westport), the play cannot work.

I think Pellinore doubling as Merlin is a good idea.
And, though I liked the cutting down of the Robert Sean Leonard version, you need at least two ladies in waiting (one of whom could play Morgan LeFay...why not?)

But it you can’t find the right Arthur and Guenevere, don’t do it. It seems to me that Malcolm Getz and Melissa Errico would be a fine pair. And, for nobility, Audra McDonald seems the perfect Guenevere. With Robert Sean Leonard. That’s a beautiful match.

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