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Posted by: dsikula 06:28 am EST 11/09/20
In reply to: re: RIP Alex Trebek - PlayWiz 03:18 pm EST 11/08/20

I was on the show in 2008, and won my first game on an Oscars question (even though I'm terrible in that category).

Unfortunately, the second game didn't go as well. I was slow on the buzzer and, despite having a Master's in Theatre History, crapped out on Shakespeare, losing a Daily Double and a $2000 question back to back, losing a quick five grand in about ten seconds.

Alex was great to work with and was just what anyone would hope him to be. In the Q&As during the commercials, while he could be a little testy with someone who asked him something he'd heard a million times ("Do you really know the answers?"), if he was asked about something he was really interested in or his charity work, he lit up like a Christmas tree.

Getting to be on the show and meet him remain a highlight of my life.

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