The Level Up Challenge for Aspiring Broadway Stars!
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Broadway Musical Theatre Performers and Composers Go Online with The Broadway Collective to Help Students Create Virtual Concerts.

Never before in history have all 41 Broadway theatres been closed at the same time, for months on end.

With thousands of performers out of work, artists are pivoting and doing things that have never been done before. Since patrons can't head into theatres, Broadway is going online. And Broadway's next generation-young aspiring artists, ages 12-21-are getting in on the action.

Robert Hartwell-Broadway veteran and founder of The Broadway Collective, an arts education company-is leading the Level Up Challenge. This is a free, 7-day challenge for musical theatre students who love to sing, dance, and act. It's free to participate and it's happening online from November 8-15, 2020.

Over the course of one electrifying week, each student will create, produce, and star in their own 15 minute solo musical theatre concert. Students will perform-via live-streaming video-to an online audience of friends, family, and the wider theatre community. Students receive sheet music, choreography, and selected monologues plus a week of coaching from Broadway artists to help them craft an excellent 15-minute concert.

Over 1,000 students from across the nation have already signed up for the Level Up Challenge, which means over 1,000 musical theatre performances will happen live-online-on November 14. This will be an explosion of Broadway magic at a time when students and grown-ups alike desperately need hope, joy, beauty, and possibility in their lives.
Several of NYC's top musical theatre composers and lyricists have contributed original music for students to use during the Challenge, including Carner + Gregor (Winner of the 2004 Richard Rodgers Award for Musical Theater from the American Academy of Arts and Letters for their musical Unlock'd,) Lyons + Pakchar ( Hamlet Remix), Murphy Taylor Smith ( Elekrik), Jacob Ryan Smith ( Painless, Albert Stanley Medal from The University of Michigan School of Music, Theater, and Dance), Joriah Kwame ( Little Miss Perfect), and Jonathan Reid Gealt ( Thirteen Stories Down).

"2020 has been an incredibly hard year for Broadway artists and for the young people who aspire to work on Broadway, too. When you've trained your entire life since age 7 or 8 for a chance to work on Broadway, and then Broadway is closed indefinitely? That's a massive blow. That can feel like a dream killer," says Robert Hartwell.
"That's why I created the Level Up Challenge. We want to remind our students that even though the world is changing, you can still keep training, pursuing your goals, singing, dancing, and acting, and doing what you love most: perform.

COVID-19 is not going to destroy the musical theatre industry. We are finding ways to adapt and pivot. That is what Broadway is all about: creating magic and re-energizing hope. That is what we do best."


Musical theatre students (ages 13-19) can sign up online to do the Level Up Challenge at bwaycollective.com/levelup1

The challenge is free and open to all young performers. Get mentored by Broadway artists for an entire week, hone your skills, and bring your artistry to the next level.

The last day to sign up is November 7, 2020. Challenge kicks off November 8 and culminates with performances on November 14 and a virtual Cast Party on November 15.


The Broadway Collective provides musical theatre training to students, ages 12 and up.

Through our innovative online programs, we bring world-class training to your computer screen and your living room. No travel required. We bring Broadway's top talent to you.

Our star-studded Faculty includes award-winning Broadway performers, choreographers, directors, NYC casting agents, and more.

Bring your dance, voice, and acting skills to a whole new level, become well-rounded, gain a competitive edge, build confidence and make lifelong friends with the Broadway Collective.

We believe that talent is great, but hard work will carry you much farther. We're here to give you the work ethic, life skills, and mindset you need to achieve success on Broadway-or wherever else your future may take you.

Learn more about the Level Up Challenge and sign up:
Link http://bwaycollective.com/levelup1

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