re: How many built-in encore numbers truly exist?
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The second time I saw the CHICAGO revival (first time at the Shubert) was when Marilu Henner had replaced Ann Reinking, but the rest of the original cast was still with the show. This was the second performance that day and, as per usual, Henner was staged to sit in a chair and watch Bebe Neuwirth perform "But I Can't Do It Alone." Neuwirth, as always, was spectacular and the crowd went absolutely wild when she finished the third section and ended on the stage floor in a full split.

Without missing a beat, Henner says "This crowd's so hot, you should do that again!" Of course, the audience goes wild again. Neuwirth, still in a full split on the floor, gives Henner some Velma-esque side eye, picks herself up off the stage, crosses herself again (with a bit more feeling this time, as though she might really need heavenly assistance to get through it again...remember, this was an evening performance on a matinee day) and repeats the entire third section of the number. And ends it again in a full split. I wasn't sure the audience was going to let the show go on. When it finally did, Henner could barely get through her raspberry and following line.

Now, I have no illusions about this not being something that Neuwirth and Henner worked out between them for especially raucous and appreciative crowds (and when Neuwirth was up to it), but I saw CHICAGO a lot in those days, but I never saw that happen again.

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