The middle class doesn’t pay 50% in taxes
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Like in other countries with great benefits. But when one adds federal state ss and Medicare it could be closing in on half. You can start ss at 62 and yes it increases. But he won’t be on the street like a 55 year old. And he probably is in a rent controlled apartment.

Blame the companies (and congress) for eliminating pensions. I think that happened after Enron (how’s that for theater reference). I don’t know if newspaper companies had pensions so maybe they is a world that never did. I think it’s crazy Congress wants to up the minimum age. Companies don’t want old people. Most want young folks at half the salary willing to work twice the time without overtime.

i was on an interview panel two weeks ago. I’m so glad I don’t have to look for another job for the rest my life. One of many reasons Im glad I didn’t into acting is the constant looking for that next job and rejection

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