re: The middle class doesn’t pay 50% in taxes
Posted by: BroadwayTonyJ 05:10 pm EST 11/11/20
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I was a high school teacher beginning in '69 for about 3 years and would have been entitled to a pension if I hadn't switched jobs. I was in ROTC and then the U.S. Army for 10 years while I was in college and teaching. Eventually I had to give up my teaching job because it conflicted with my Army responsibilities. I then worked as production supervisor for a manufacturing factory for 14 years, which satisfied my commanding officer until I was honorably discharged. Later I worked in sales at a paper company for 31 years.

Neither of those 2 jobs came with a pension. However, I did get a very lucrative 401K from the paper company, which has allowed me to make multiple trips to New York per year (beginning in '93). I've been able to see close to 2000 stage shows in Chicago (beginning in '89), Indiana, Wisconsin, London, Toronto, and New York as of 2020 and pay for my partner's tickets (since he still has a mortgage). However, it took him until just a couple of years ago to finish paying off his student debt, and he just turned 50.

I think pensions began disappearing in the 80's and were beginning to be replaced by 401Ks. My dad worked in manufacturing and retired in '79 with a full pension. The government also rewarded him with a military pension in 2000 because of a PTSD condition due to his service in WWII. He and my mom were frequent theatre-goers beginning in the late 50's. They saw Forrest Tucker in The Music Man, Mimi Hines in Bells Are Ringing, Eve Arden in Hello, Dolly!, Celeste Holm in Mame, and others I can't remember. Unfortunately they never saved their playbills.

Sorry about my rambling, but once I got started, I couldn't stop. Blame it on cabin fever due to covid-19 (and a lack of seeing live theatre for over 8 months -- and counting).

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