re: Israel Horovitz, 81, has passed away.
Posted by: schauspieler 06:49 pm EST 11/11/20
In reply to: re: Israel Horovitz, 81, has passed away. - ryhog 06:18 pm EST 11/11/20

One of my earliest theater memories: being blown away by THE INDIAN WANTS THE BRONX with Al Pacino and Matthew Cowles right after I got my first apartment on 8th Street. "I walk the lonely streets at night, a lookin' for your love." And a few years later, being in a college production at San Francisco State prevented me from accepting an invitation from two hippie girls to join a commune at the Spahn Movie Ranch. So thank you Mr. Horovitz: you introduced the great Al Pacino and saved me from joining the Manson Gang.

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