"Inside the Wild Heart" is three floors of interactive theater and art
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Integrates visual arts, film, music & performance in a virtual setting.

Proudly Presents the Digital Premiere of

Immersive Virtual Theatrical Experience



Directed by LINDA WISE




GROUP DOT BR, New York's only Brazilian theatre company, is pleased to announce the premiere of the streaming production of Clarice Lispector's INSIDE THE WILD HEART, adapted for the stage by Andressa Furletti and Debora Balardini, directed by Linda Wise. The virtual performance of INSIDE THE WILD HEART will play a three-week limited engagement online with a special software, gather.town. On the site audiences will be able to navigate through the virtual space and enjoy three floors of video performances, photography, and audio, simultaneously much like the live show which occurred in person during a New York run in 2018. Performances begin Friday, November 27 and continue through Sunday, December 20. A special celebration of Lispector's centennial will be on December 10, 2020: "Clarice Day" will include a talk-back with the cast, panels, readings and discussions throughout the day about the artist and her work. Tickets for all performances are $20-$50 and available at Group.BR.com. Special press tickets will be available for all performances, contact press@kampfirefilmspr.com to request.
INSIDE THE WILD HEART is an immersive theatrical experience based on the works of Clarice Lispector, Brazil's most acclaimed female writer, presented in New York in 2016 and 2018. The show transported the audience directly inside Lispector's heart creating an experience that encouraged them to engage with literature on a sensory level. Now the 2018's filmed performance is available for viewers around the world through the gather.town platform, allowing the audience to navigate through the three virtual floors of Aich Studio, a preserved 19th-century space in the heart of Gramercy Park. Similar to the live show, the audience will be able to access 11 different journeys and choose whom to follow, where to go, and how much time to spend in each room. In doubt of what to do just ask "If you were you, how would you be and what would you do?".

Conceived by Andressa Furletti and Debora Balardini and directed by Linda Wise, the show integrates visual arts, film, music & performance art, which embodies the writer's deepest feelings, serving as an entry point to Clarice's incredible work, still mostly unknown in the US. The performers embody the writer's biggest themes such as identity, solitude, madness, faith, time, violence, maternity, childhood and freedom accompanied by the awarded violinist Mario Forte.
"I found the writing of Clarice Lispector extraordinary. Her literature is really out of the ordinary and extremely pertinent and challenging. I admire her writing and believe she is one of the most exceptional writers I have read," says director Linda Wise.

"Getting lost is also a way...Freedom is not enough, what I desire doesn't have a name yet...If you were you, how would you be and what would you do?"questions author Clarice Lispector.

"Clarice's books put readers in contact with their inner world by establishing an intimate and close dialogue with them. This is one of the aspects of Clarice's literature we want to be loyal to. That's why the show is immersive and the audience and actors are so close to each other. That is how reading Clarice feels to me, almost like a gentle whisper in the ear," is what motivated Artistic Director, Andressa Furletti.

"The virtual version of Inside the Wild Heart presents new ways to explore theatre in a new platform that allows different interactions. In this cyber world we are living in nowadays, it was an eye opener to find solutions for an immersive performance with an open-world and non-linear narrative," remarks Executive Director, Debora Balardini.
The production stars Debora Balardini, Mirko Faienza, Patricia Faolli, Andressa Furletti, Fabiana Mattedi, Gio Mielle, Gonçalo Ruivo, Yasmin Santana, Ibsen Santos, and Montserrat Vargas.
Produced by Monica Vilela and Roberta Fernandes the production featured scenic design and art installations by Montserrat Vargas and Andressa Furletti, costume design by Jussara Lee, and lighting design by Charlie Jarboe. Sergio Krakowski created the original score and Paul Leopold the video design and operations. Kristin Rion was the stage manager with Stephanie Machado as the director's assistant. Production interns were Fabia Lucyana, Mitchell Bueno, and Sami Mushi. Publicity by Katie Rosin/Kampfire PR.

Journalist Requests

INSIDE THE WILD HEART will appear virtually on the following schedule:

November 27th - 29th
7pm (NY) 21h (Brazil) 1am (Europe)

Saturday and Sunday
1pm (NY) 15h (Brasil) 7pm (Europe)
7pm (NY) 21h (Brasil) 1am (Europe)

December 3rd - 20th
Thursday and Friday
7pm (NY) 21hrs (Brazil) 1am (Europe)

Saturday and Sunday
1pm (NY) 15h (Brasil) 7pm (Europe)
7pm (NY) 21h (Brasil) 1am (Europe)
*December 10th with talkback with the cast

Tickets are $20-$50 and are now available online at www.Group.BR.com.

Running Time: 2 hours

Website: www.group.br.com
@GroupDotBR, www.facebook.com/Group.BR

Media Kit with Photos

Group Dot BR hosts a weekly Happy Hour Online every Wednesday at 6pm through Zoom.

Affiliate organizations: A.R.T New York, Americans For the Arts, Indie Theatre, League of Professional Theatre Women (Debora board member), Materials for the Arts.


CLARICE LISPECTOR (author 1920-1977) is one of Brazil's most important literary figures. She, who has been described as the most important Jewish writer since Franz Kafka, was born in Ukraine and immigrated to Brazil as an infant, following the devastation of World War One. Her trademark stream-of-consciousness writing styling is often compared to that of Virginia Woolf and James Joyce. Lispector is sadly relatively unknown outside of her Brazil. With the recent translation and publication of her complete short stories and other selected works as well as her biography, by author Benjamin Moser, she is gaining heightened appreciation and acclaim within America's literary canon. In fact, Lispector's Complete Stories is recognized in the New York Times list of 2015 notable books, the National Post of Canada's list of best books of the year, the Boston Globe's Best Books of 2015, and in the list of 24 Best Fiction Books of 2015 by Buzzfeed Books. The underlying thread across Lispector's work is the questioning of oneself and humanity. Her work is universal, transcending ethnicity, race, religion, time, gender and place. Many people say, and we agree, that you don't just read Clarice, you experience it. This visceral experience of her work was the inspiration for the conception of the show Inside the Wild Heart.

NOTE: Clarice Lispector was not a Playwright. The Dramaturgy was done by Andressa Furletti and Debora Balardini.
LINDA WISE (Director) is a South African French-based artist trained at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama. Founding member of the Roy Hart Centre and co-founder of the Pantheatre Company (Paris). French Jean Vilar Prize (1988) for the direction of Melville's Moby Dick; Leoncavallo's Pagliacci (OBIE-awarded); jazz opera by Boreas Theatre and Oslo National Theatre; voice teacher at the National Theatre Schools of Copenhagen, Norway, Australia, New Zealand, Argentina and Scotland and Limoges and Strasbourg French National Theatre Schools.

GROUP DOT BR was founded by Andressa Furletti, Debora Balardini and Thiago Felix in 2011 with a public reading of the play Cerimo^nia do Adeus by Mauro Rasi. In 2012 Group .BR produced A Serpente (The Serpent) by Brazil's most known and controversial dramaturges, Nelson Rodrigues with sold-out performances and a nomination to the 2012 Brazilian International Press Awards. In 2013, Infinite While It Lasts, Group Dot BR's first devised work based on the life and work of Brazilian poet and composer Vinicius de Moraes landed on the bohemian bar Nublu in East Village. A second run of the show happened in 2014 held at Studio 151 for four weeks. The show was nominated to the 2014 Innovative Theatre Awards for Outstanding Choreography/Movement and to the 2014 Brazilian International Press Award. Inside The Wild Heart, an immersive theatrical experience based on the life and works of the Brazilian Jewish writer Clarice Lispector had a successful five-week run at the Immersive Gallery, in Williamsburg in 2016, and another five-week run in 2018 at the Aich Studio, a three-story house in Manhattan. The show had great reviews and received four nominations and earned Andressa Furletti an award for Best Actress at the 2017 Brazilian International Press Award.

Other than its awarded productions, the company offers a variety of acting and dance workshops, readings, and signature events such as the theatrical Brazilian dance party Sarava´!, the intimate Pa~o de Queijo Brunch and the Clarice's Hour (Hora de Clarice) in partnership with Moreira Salles Institute (Instituto Moreira Salles), and the Happy Hour Online with readings and conversations about Clarice Lispector in honor of her centennial. In 2020 the company created the Group Dot BR's NY Brazilian Artists Fund to support New York state Brazilian artists affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.
Link http://GROUP.BR.COM

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