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Posted by: JereNYC (JereNYC@aol.com) 01:59 pm EST 11/13/20
In reply to: re: Filming? - BroadwayTonyJ 01:31 pm EST 11/13/20

I can only imagine that any film version of the play will wait until the cast of the original films ages into their roles in CURSED CHILD, so we'll probably be waiting about 10 years.

That said, I could see a market now for a filmed version of the play now (or whenever possible to do it) and then doing an actual film in 10 years. I doubt that filming the play sometime in the next year or two will cannibalize business for a film reunion of the original cast a decade from now.

I think the bigger issue now, and probably also in a decade, is JK Rowling's transphobia, which is causing her fans to seriously rethink their support of her and her work.

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