re: I think covid will have a big effect.
Posted by: shocktheatre 12:49 pm EST 11/15/20
In reply to: I think covid will have a big effect. - dramedy 12:33 pm EST 11/15/20

I only know a few things for sure.

One of them is that the presidential election was NOT rigged, so let's put that aside perrmanently. I've been warned via TBWAY to avoid this stuff, so I'm just sayin'.

The other thing is that I believe the Oscar deadline has been extended so that big Hollywood releases can be viewed in theaters.

If there is another lockdown (God forbid but if you looked at any COVID news this morning it does NOT look rosy), that will go out the window and the Oscars (and any other awards ceremony) will be shoved to the back of any rational conversation.

It's a rollercoaster. I am personally exhausted by all of it. But we gotta keep going. To give in would be unthinkable, considering the circumstances that got us here.

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