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Posted by: shocktheatre 12:59 pm EST 11/15/20
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You may be right. I simply do not know. I can't believe we are in what we are still in, on November 15th, 2020.

I loved Brad Pitt in OUATIH. And the film itself. He was sensational. It was a stacked category. Pitt won, and he won fairly. I thought Pesci (and Pacino) would have been deserved winners for THE IRISHMAN, and I was bummed De Niro did not get a nomination. I think it is the best performance of his career, but that category was more than stacked, it was OVERWHELMED. What an embarrassment of riches.

Also missing: Toni Collette, Alex Wolff and Milly Shapiro from HEREDITARY. Was that the same year? Whew.

To summarize, I don't see the Oscars rushing to honor these streaming outlets in a big way. Even with this pandemic. It would not disturb me in any way to be proven wrong.

I'm just glad my Internet doesn't screw up.

I just cursed myself.

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