Posted by: shocktheatre 01:05 pm EST 11/15/20
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I am so glad I saw ROMA at the hopefully to be returned IFC Center.

It was a Saturday morning show and it was packed (remember those days?) I don't recall if was streaming on Netflix yet.

ROMA is a movie that must be experienced on a big screen with an audience. I recall this screening vividly (esp. the IFC's impeccable sound system).

So, if the streaming Oscar hopefuls are made to look like MOVIES, they may well have a shot.

Being a fan of horror, I'd like to see THE VAST OF NIGHT, RELIC and THE DARK AND THE WICKED get some recognition.

Those flicks were (and are) shown in drive-ins to this day (well maybe not the first two).

But then there was the absolute lack of love shown to Ari Aster (twice).

Enough. I'm going outside.

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