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Posted by: shocktheatre 05:17 pm EST 11/15/20
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I understand what you're saying about the size of your screen. But I experienced ROMA at this restored village theatre (there's really not many left) and

It made me appreciate seeing a film like ROMA on a big screen in a little theatre on a Saturday morning.

I HAD NEVER BEEN IN A MORE ENTRANCED MOVIE AUDIENCE. (OK, there was ME seeing "Cabaret" in Tennessee in 1927(1972?), but this here ROMA movie was QUITE effective in a well-maintained theatre and an appreciative audience.)

And I've seen a lot of movies and written six unproduced screenplays (factor that in as you will). That ROMA audience, that Saturday, esp. the ocean sequence. A movie theatre was (is) unique.

You can't really ever duplicate this experience on television, a computer screen, or a cell phone.

I think my pizza is here. Perfect timing.

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