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Not everyone was as taken with The Irishman as you may have been (I thought it was generally a bloated, redundant endeavor with nothing new to say and some of the most wooden acting I've ever seen from DeNiro and the most predictable directing, with only 5 minutes of anything new to add to Marty's gangster tales... out of it's seemingly endless runtime, and I don't think it deserved to win in any category except maybe Best Supporting Actor, but there have been far more egregious "career wins" than Brad Pitt winning that year for OUATIH)... I think Ma Rainy, besides just being a more worthwhile piece if you ask me.... either way it stands a MUCH better shot at getting through to some awards for several reasons, competing in today's social climate, in this year's oscars in particular, and with streaming even more an undeniable contender year after year PLUS covid annihilating cinema eligibility anyway, AND with Viola and the now tragically deceased Chadwick starring. It doesn't guarantee it will win, but if it's well reviewed it has a very strong chance.

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