re: Chad Kimball Courts Controversy
Posted by: AlanScott 12:03 pm EST 11/18/20
In reply to: re: Chad Kimball Courts Controversy - lordofspeech 03:58 am EST 11/18/20

I often think about An Enemy of the People and "The majority is never right" when I happen to be part of the majority. But there is a difference between the majority narrative vs. the minority belief here and the majority vs. minority narratives in the two plays you cite (one of them based on fact) that deal with the spread of disease. The difference is that the majority in this case is saying "Take precautions. We must do more to prevent the spread of disease," vs. the minority saying, "Doing less will be better. Let nature take its course. Everything is pretty OK and we don't need to make hard choices."

In this case, the president and Altman are more like Peter Stockmann than they are like Thomas.

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