re: I'm inclined to cut them some slack
Posted by: ShowGoer 03:47 pm EST 11/18/20
In reply to: I'm inclined to cut them some slack - MockingbirdGirl 03:40 pm EST 11/18/20

They’ve always tried to get big names, but certainly haven’t always succeeded, even for star vehicles (Carmen Cusack in Call Me Madam and Jennifer Bowles in Irma la Douce come to mind- and I had to look one of those names up).

I’m more surprised if the direction they’re heading in seems to be the actual shows themselves being largely the kinds of musicals you could see in a high school (Millie, Into the Woods), with the occasional out-of-the-box wild card ‘flop’ being not a rarity by Gershwin, Porter or Weill, but a show that ran for a full year and a half only 25 or 35 years ago (like “The Life” or “Tap Dance Kid”). But I certainly wish them well.

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