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I don't think it's a cop out because all that they are doing is reiterating the facts of the character as expressed in the show. And also because from the first production, with the casting of Ally Sheedy, they established that Hedwig could be played by performers of different genders. In this case, the trans activists haven't done the work to investigate the story that is being told, which is as important as the activism - in the face of the typical blowhard regressives like we see above - to demand that we create more space for actors who don't come from the traditional mold (because, of course, the "actors can play anything" argument is almost always about letting white, straight, able-bodied actors play all of the roles, and rarely goes in reverse... as evidenced by the outcry that often results from these same regressives when there is an attempt at casting someone outside of the tradition, where it's bemoaned that the work is being mangled by the casting choice).

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