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For sure. I also think it's complex because Hedwig seems to live happily and on purpose as a female presenting rock star, so it's easy to watch it and assume this is a happy choice... however we know clearly from the text that Hedwig isn't simply a female presenting trans woman, nor does he identify that way despite the wig. But the wig, and the song about it, does give some the impression that Hedwig is female or even more a female trapped in a male body... however I think this speaks much more to the gay experience specifically than it does to my understanding of the trans experience. Escaping into or being empowered by your femme side, embracing it and living in it for certain moment or situations (to escape after work, or a rock performance show), seems to speak to both a trans experience and a gay experience (or at least the dramatization of the inner feelings of many gay men, and projectable to the female lesbian experience with male gendered clothing etc), so it's open to both/all (this may even be relatable to straight-cis people as well). But the important thing is A) the character's text does not identify him as trans, but does identify him as a femme gay male forced into a gender surgery B) The authors/creators/originator of the role and play specifically have said Hedwig isn't trans C) it has been said and proven that Hedwig can and should be open to be played by anyone. (and while my preference is heavily that it not be played by a straight man, that isn't fair as several straight men have done acclaimed amazing work in the role, like Michael Cerveris and Michael C. Hall, and many straight men, including in the original production and the revival/tour, have been approved by Mitchell and Trask... so that's that)

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