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Posted by: Chazwaza 04:39 pm EST 11/23/20
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Ha, yep!

I mean I still fervently advocate that any queer roles not be played by straight actors if just simply to do the basic thing of creating opportunity and paid work for queer actors who often only get a chance to play queer roles as it is. If the star-making roles or productions go to straight actors too then how are openly queer actors supposed to evolve in their careers let alone sustain this difficult career?! And obviously representation matter a lot too. But that's the common argument, and I feel the initial point i'm making is just as important but vastly less vocalized in this debate of who can/should/is allowed to play what. At this point in equality/society/representation/opportunity in our world, i do not by any means think it can be dismissed as simply being "about acting."

No one asked but :)

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