the cell premieres TOLERANCE PARTY: TWO TRUTHS AND A LIE Dec. 4
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Friday December 4, 2020 at 8PM

Nancy Manocherian's the cell theatre in association with DimlyWit Productions Nancy Manocherian's the cell theatre in association with DimlyWit Productions will broadcast the third installment of their series TOLERANCE PARTY titled TWO TRUTHS AND A LIE which will be available to stream via their website. Reuniting the same cast of characters, as well as some new faces (and voices), this installment, written and directed by Joseph Hendel, finds our heroes huddled around a virtual campfire. Stories will be shared, new worlds will be unlocked, and maybe--just maybe--they'll bring "it" back to life. Audiences are encouraged to participate in a live chat function that will help determine the fate of the characters in following episodes. The cast includes Corey Allen* ("Mindhunter", "Manh(a)ttan"), Ji Chung, Bob Jaffe* ("Sweetbitter", "Brotherhood", Memory Retrograde), Nidalas Madden, Heather Mo'Witz, Richard Urquiza, India Meñete, Brian Reager, Peyton Rowe, and Steven Simring. Production design is by DimlyWit Productions, original music by Ricardo Romaneiro, co-conceived by Artistic Director Kira Simring (Yes!, Reflections of Molly Bloom, Crackskull Row).

TOLERANCE PARTY:TWO TRUTHS AND A LIE will be streamed on Friday December 4, 2020 at 8PM. Tickets are available on a sliding scale from $5 to $25. Running Time is 30 minutes. You may purchase tickets at the following link: https://www.tickettailor.com/events/thecelltheatre/456769

Joseph Hendel is a writer, director, and composer from New York currently based in County Clare, Ireland. He re-cently received his MFA in directing from UC San Diego where his thesis production of Charles Mee's Orestes 2.0 was met with critical acclaim. His plays include The Tasty Karp Hotel (Teatr Fredry in Gniezno, Poland), Katzelmacher, USA (the cell), Beware the Ides of Monday (the cell). Directing credits include Life is a Dream by Pedro Calderon de la Barca (UCSD), Tambo and Bones by Dave Harris (Wagner New Play Festival, UCSD), Appendage by Derek Mur-phy (1st Irish Theater Fest), and works by Brecht, Ionesco, Pirandello, and Molière. He is a resident artist at the cell, a two-time member of the Lincoln Center Directors Lab, and is trained in clown and commedia dell'arte by master clown teacher Christopher Bayes. He holds a B.A. in Music from Yale College and frequently composes music for his productions with his growing collection of synthesizers and drum machines. His most recent foray into digital theater was his experimental piece Virtual Meeting: Finger Me Through the Screen, which was taken down from Youtube within hours of its premiere.

DimlyWit Productions (Production Design/Associate Producer) is a multimedia production company founded by in-dependent producers, for independent producers, as a means of pooling together resources and creating captivat-ing productions. DimlyWit works with people, and companies, from all walks of life to create productions that best serve them, and their communities. They offer various services, ranging through all stages of the production process, and specializing in comedy, podcasts, and mistakes. DimlyWit.com

Nancy Manocherian's the cell theatre (Artistic Director Kira Simring) is a non profit dedicated to the incubation and presentation of new works that mine the mind, pierce the heart, and awaken the soul. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, the cell has successfully moved into the digital sphere by streaming virtual concerts and programming such as Dark Matter Immersive's Garden of Eden, the Room | to | Breathe series with Bright Shiny Things, Nour-ishment "Bites" with Holdtight Dance Company, Apex Sky, Harps Uncovered and Liquidverse a psychedelic & medi-tative show exploring the images of the cosmos through oil based dyes by Liquid Light Lab and music by composer and technical director of the cell Ricardo Romaneiro. the cell has also featured socially distanced art in their space on 23rd street such as Tranquility Base, an immersive light show that bathes the viewer in primordial organic forms. Past productions include Found, Hoard (co-produced with Off the Wall), The Pink Unicorn (starring Alice Rip-ley co-produced with Out of the Box), The Evolution of Mann, Bastard Jones (Drama-Desk Nominated), Crackskull Row, Hard Times: An American Musical, The McGowan Trilogy, Hey Jude, Horse Girls and more. www.thecelltheatre.org @thecelltheatre

* the cell wishes to express gratitude to the Performers' Unions: ACTORS' EQUITY ASSOCIATION, AMERICAN GUILD OF MUSICAL ARTISTS, AMERICAN GUILD OF VARIETY ARTISTS, SAG-AFTRA, through Theatre Authority, Inc. for their cooperation in permitting the Artists to appear on this program.

Follow the cell on instagram at @thecelltheatre for updates or go to www.thecelltheatre.org for upcoming events!
Link http://www.thecelltheatre.org

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