'The Prom's' bid for a Best Song Oscar
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Netflix's ''The Prom'' features a new song, ''Wear Your Crown,'' by Adam Anders, Peer Astrom, Sklar and Beguelin, that'll be Oscar-eligible.

From Ryan Murphy in Variety: ''When we got to the end of the movie ... I think we needed an end-credit song that’s about the women. It’s about the female power in the film. I told the songwriting team and the composer, “Let’s do something upbeat, that we can send people out in a celebratory fashion, and let’s have all the women do the vocal tracks. Furthermore, let’s have Meryl Streep rap.” They were like “What?” I said, “I want her to rap. I need her to rap.” They laughed, and they went off and wrote the song “Wear Your Crown,” and it’s optimistic and makes you feel good. It has a message of fighting intolerance and being proud of who you are. We wanted to leave young people with that feeling.''
Link 'Wear Your Crown' from 'The Prom'

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