where did Jagged Little Pill's Macy's Parade number go? Has it disappeared due to the bashing it took on Twitter?
Posted by: theaterdude 11:29 am EST 11/27/20

While I PVR'd the Parade as I do every year, my local channel once again decided to show local programming instead of the actual Parade in New York, so I missed it.

I looked it up thinking i'd find it on youtube, but nothing. Then I went to the Broadway sites, and they only have Hamilton and Mean Girls up. Playbill has photos but no video. Hmm.
I did find an article that talked about how much the number got panned on social media while it was on air.

Do you think this is why the number is suddenly so unavailable?

If anyone knows, (or finds a link) I am very curious to see it now.


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