Posted by: PlazaBoy 12:58 pm EST 11/28/20
In reply to: DOROTHY LOUDON - shocktheatre 10:42 am EST 11/28/20

Loudon expertly performed the material and seamlessly moved from serious to comdeic. However, the Sondheim purist in my had trouble adjusting to the mocking of Losing My Mind. Again, she did it perfectly and it was very funny, but I remember having a slightly uncomfortable feeling. I know I am in the miniority.

Buckley was a highlight for sure. Her soaring voice combined with the chorus really packed an emotional punch. Not sure that the broadcast fully captures the power of the moment. I'd say it was in the top three numbers of the evening based on being there. I'd probably rate it lower on the list if I were only watching the broadacet.

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