Jefferson Mays, Xmas Carol
Posted by: MisterIng 11:39 am EST 11/29/20

Years ago, when I saw "I Am My Own Wife," in NY, I found myself among the ingrates (or maybe just the one and only ingrate) who was just not moved, nor was a lasting impression made. I wondered if it was the construction of the piece, the "PERFORMANCE," which withdrew me from the character's human experience - I'm not quite certain, but years later, the empty response to all aspects of the piece stayed with me, and I simply accepted that I was not bright enough, or just a plain ingrate. So, I jumped at the chance to view the new Solo Christmas Carol, certain that these years later, I am less log-headed and would "get it." Or get him. Or be moved.

None of the above happened. I wanted to be joyously off-put by Dickens and Scrooge, instead I was just put off. I was never quite certain why I was being yelled at, which for me sublimated getting to the core of the characters. I had a hard time connecting to shots that arbitrarily had this angle, that angle, master shots, and every moment I was threatened to be allowed into the story - I, for some reason, felt pushed away. Even the credits touted fifty or so characters played by Jefferson Mays, but I had a hard time believing that any such thing took place. The effects such as they were, certainly indicated a sack-full of gold was spent, but I so wanted to be "in" the story, yet found myself itchy for things to end. I wonder if I am alone in this? I'll return now to my dumb ingrate corner.

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