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Quite the contrary. I adore one person shows. In fact, I adore watching the craft of an individual and getting both the individual's craft, and the character or characters that might be addressed more fully given the nature of the beast. I also enjoy gifted people. Not that I think that Mr. Mays is not gifted. I just have a very difficult time believing that he is who he says he is when he is saying so. Instead I find myself watching the many things he does - and does well, I just find myself watching and hearing arch in the voice, a distance or lack of presence in the eyes. Interestingly - there was one moment where he actually looked into the lens, it seemed to be without purpose or reason because no beat or idea or text was attached to it - it was almost as if it was a moment, with so much to remember, so unbelievably much to do, that he - for that one split second - stopped doing it. And suddenly there was a human being there. It was so fleeting, barely a split second, but for a minute second it fulfilled the wish for me - to see the soul of Scrooge. It didn't happen before nor did it happen after and as I mentioned, it was not linked to any moment per se and it was in the middle of text between words. I wished for much more of that. But alas, it didn't happen. In the end, and I speak only for myself, it felt performed, it felt executed, but for me, never did it feel human.

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