re: Or maybe...
Posted by: ryhog 01:32 pm EST 11/29/20
In reply to: re: Or maybe... - mikem 12:45 pm EST 11/29/20

Anne Bogart's fingerprints are all over Mays, and that's going to annoy some and please others. Regarding putting a stage show on film, in the first instance, it is NEVER as good as the real thing. Having said that, it is also impossible to say in the abstract whether the filming of THIS performance gets in the way of the live show or not. I will say that when a live show depends, as I assume this one does, on quick changes and a suspension of belief, watching it on screen has a particular deficit because screen audiences do not have the same things to marvel at: watching something filmed we are conditioned to expect an editor (as well as a director).

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