Doug Wright, Emlyn Williams and Henry Higgins
Posted by: aleck 04:25 pm EST 11/29/20
In reply to: Jefferson Mays, Xmas Carol - MisterIng 11:39 am EST 11/29/20

Finally, someone admitted they were unmoved by "I Am My Own Wife." I walked out of that one during intermission -- as I did for "Quills" and "Hands on a Hard Body." Not a Doug Wright fan?

I saw Emlyn Williams do his one-man production as Charles Dickens. This was a few years ago . . . I thought it was mesmerizing. As I recall, he did a portion of Christmas Carol -- very effectively.

I thought Mays' interpretation of Henry HIggins was the most interesting (and maybe the best) I'd ever seen. Gentleman's Guide, not so much. But I'm willing to stick with him for future work. But do I have another Christmas Carol in me? I don't think so.

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